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 Kitchen flooring/color design dilema

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PostSubject: Kitchen flooring/color design dilema   Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:27 am

Kitchen flooring/color design dilema
The wife and I are building a house and are having some difficulty with the design of the kitchen.

It's a modern style house with an open floor plan where the kitchen is open to a casual dining area and family room. We're going to be putting down a dark, chocolaty brown oak floor in the first floor, but are undecided about continuing it into the casual dining/kitchen areas vs putting down tile or travertine.

We both really love the continuous look of putting all one type of flooring.

However, we're concerned about the upkeep of wood floors in the kitchen/dining area. The kitchen will be high traffic and the dining area will have chairs and stools in it that see daily use, we're VERY concerned about wear and scratching with wood (especially of a darker variety) under these circumstances.

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Kitchen flooring/color design dilema
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