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 What can they do if i move?

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What can they do if i move? Empty
PostSubject: What can they do if i move?   What can they do if i move? Icon_minitimeFri Aug 12, 2011 11:11 pm

I'm currently 17 and under a stipulation requiring me to go to school as well as do community service on the weekends. I'm trying to move out of state to go reside in another family residence. I'm not too educated on this subject and i would like to know my rights, as well as options. At the age of 17 you are not required to go to school by law. So can they really stipulate i go to school? They also stipulated i need to remain in the current state until the stipulation has been lifted. Can they do this as well? And is there a way to transfer this stipulation to another state so i can for fill the community service there? This brings me to another question. If i cannot leave the state what can i do to make them drop the stipulation? There has been times at school were a teacher would get mad beyond the point of control and would verbally harass me tossing out many vulgar words that could be claimed to be harassment. Would opening such a case like this be helpful? or would it just create more problems?


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What can they do if i move?
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