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 Belly fat??

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PostSubject: Belly fat??   Tue Aug 30, 2011 7:29 am

I only have like 2 weeks to lose my belly fat. I'm not a cow or anything it's only the normal little fat stored around my lower belly like normally women get. I need a QUICK way to lose the belly fat and tone up. Any tips? Please I really need this it is more important to me than you know.! I want this so bad I don't care if it unhealthy, I can't spend any money so don't tell me to go out and buy some product that probley don't work. All I have to work with is 2 5 pound weights, resistance band, treadmill(Which hasn't worked on me so far), and a yoga ball. PLEASE HELP ME! SEROUS ANSWER ONLY!


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Belly fat??
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