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 Water damaged iPhone! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!?

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Water damaged iPhone! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!? Empty
PostSubject: Water damaged iPhone! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!?   Water damaged iPhone! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!? Icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2011 9:22 pm

I was brushing my dog and sitting on a cooler. When i reached for the brush, which was on top of another cooler, it fell in and got wet from about five inches of melted ice. Well 10-15 minutes later, after my dog was brushed, I couldn't find my phone. SCREAMING bloody murder, I ran around the house and sure enough, my iPhone 3GS was sitting at the bottom of the cooler with water in it.
(Extra Info: I just replaced my iPhone about a month ago because my dad destroyed it trying to fix the cracked screen. Criticize me for my neglect, I've heard it ALL before...)
I dried the outside and it worked fine, no problems. But my mom took out the SIM, turned it off, the two screws at the bottom, and she couldn't open the phone without a suction cup so we set it in the window in the sun.
WHAT DO I DO NEXT?!?!!!!!!! I eagerly tried it just now and it worked fine except...the home button didn't work. I immediately turned it back off and put it back in the window :/


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Water damaged iPhone! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!?
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