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 Cannondale Trail 5 mountain bike?

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PostSubject: Cannondale Trail 5 mountain bike?   Cannondale Trail 5 mountain bike? Icon_minitimeWed Dec 21, 2011 11:14 pm

A few months ago my 2003 Raleigh M20 finally broke and I decided that once I got back from working in Florida over the summer I'd get a new bike. Originally I was just going to pay $100-300 on a bike, but I decided I'd spend a little more and came across this bike since my friend I ride with has a Cannondale Furio 600 and said Cannondales are good bikes with great frames so if anything breaks I can easily replace the component or upgrade the bike as I get better. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if its worth the money and how it should handle a wide range of trails(ranging in difficulties and from 5-75 mile rides per weekend). Pros and Cons would be great and comparing it to my old M20 would be awesome as well. Thanks

If anybody is familiar with the Central Virginia area, we usually start at Belle Isle and go on the Buttermilk trail and sometimes go to other trails in the area before heading back on Buttermilk to Belle Isle. Needless to say those are not the only trails I ride on nor the hardest, but is one of the most common due to ease of riding there. Also, I plan on starting to pick mountain biking up as a hobby so I do plan on starting more advanced trails.


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Cannondale Trail 5 mountain bike?
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