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 A question about ADULT toys?

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PostSubject: A question about ADULT toys?   Fri May 18, 2012 7:00 am

so I'm thinking about buying one for myself, and am looking online, I've been looking at the customer reviews for the ones I liked and alot of the people who bought them complained about the smell (a rubbery, plastic smell i assume) some people make it seem as if it were as bad as a skunk spray, while others say its not that bad. I know that when buying this sort of thing its usually not returnable, so if i were to buy a product thats made with this supposedly smelly material, is there any way to get rid of, fade, or cover up the smell? the ones I was looking at are very simple things made of a sort of rubbery/silicone/plastic sort of material, though i'm not sure exactly what it is.


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A question about ADULT toys?
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