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 Exclusive rights of distribution?

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PostSubject: Exclusive rights of distribution?   Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:39 am

A Russian Publishing House has granted a German Publishing house/Press distributor exclusive rights of distributionn in Europe for a russian newspaper. The newspaper version for Europe is printed in Germany. The Russian version of the newspaper is printed in Russia and is marked ''not for sale outside Russia''. A press distributor from the UK imports the said newspaper (the Russian version) through a Russian wholesaler (who apparently is supplied by the Russian Publishing House).
The question is, does this distribution agreement enpower the German Publishing House/Distributor to demand the UK distributor to stop selling the newspaper?
The second question is, can the Russian publisher demand from the UK distributor to stop sales of the newspaper.
Is the UK distributor operating outside the law?


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Exclusive rights of distribution?
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