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 My first driving i doing it right?

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PostSubject: My first driving i doing it right?   Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:50 am

ok guys i just started my driving lessons last week with 4 days of dummy training and now driving on the road in the mornings with an instructor...i am pretty novice yet and can't remember everything and have too many queries but to begin with, i just want to know if i am doing the following things right:

1) sit in car
2) adjust seat, mirrors
3) release handbrake
4) press clutch
5) change to neutral gear
6) start the engine
7) change to first gear
Cool release HALF clutch
9) accelerate little
10) after car moves a little, press clutch
11) change to second gear
12) car moving smoothly in second gear now
13) at red signal, press clutch then brake smoothly
14) keep both clutch+brake pressed
15) when signal becomes green, release both clutch+brake and accelerate again
16) to slow down in traffic, do the same thing (i.e. press clutch+brake to stop momentarily and release them to start accelerating)

is all this correct/satisfactory? thanks!


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My first driving i doing it right?
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